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Say goodbye to uneven, unsightly brows. With the innovative Dinair eyebrow stencils, you can easily achieve striking edges to fill and shape the perfect brow.


Create dramatic eyebrow silhouettes, or simply add a few hairs where needed. The Dinair eyebrow stencils give you unlimited possibilities in seconds.


How to Airbrush:

1.Turn on the compressor dial to the 9 o'clock position.
2. Dispense a small amount of makeup into the cup of the airbrush. (mix your favourite shades by blocking off the front aircap and gently pulling back on the main lever of the airbrush. This will cause the two colors to "backbubble" and mix inside the cup)
3. Test on a tissue.
4. Hold the airbrush 2-3 inches away from your eyebrow.
5. Move the stencils to customize your shape or use the stencil to only fill in where needed.
6. If you hold the stencil flat against the brow, it will create a dramatic edge. If you hold the stencil away from the eyebrow, it will create a softer edge.
7. Lightly mist the brow color and build your color gradually. Less is more.
8. Control the amount of the makeup released by pulling lightly back on the main lever.

Quantity in stock: 1
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